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Installation and application of gas ignition advance

Although the gas ignition advance has been the increasing use but most of the owners lack of the modified common sense, do not know how maintenance vehicles. As the vehicles converted to natural gas as fuel, changing the original car ignition advance angle. Install ignition advance can improve the performance of the engine, you can also use gasoline as fuel.

How to install gas ignition advance?

First, with a butt plug harness connected on punctuality sensor, and then connect with the short-term joint beam. Note: Although different manufacturers specifications for natural gas conversion is different, but the wiring is the same principle. Without harness connector, the black wire is the power ground wire to Ground; yellow wire throttle control, then the throttle position sensor; red wire ignition switch; blue line switch control, then transfer switch gaseous output.

The gas ignition advance should be installed away from the wet fire point and at high temperature and pressure, but also to maintain good insulation. Installation of gas ignition advance can reduce energy consumption, fuel economy, and has good power when accelerating. When the engine is converted to gasoline, without making any adjustments, and also avoid tempering. Remind you to install the gas ignition advance the most important thing is to be consistent with the modified models.

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