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Ignition timing controller oil to gas cars

Today, automotive oil to gas is nothing new, but the quality of the oil to gas conversion on the important role of the oil to gas vehicles can be imagined. In general, the results of oil to gas conversion main impact of the economic impact of the car engine and fuel gas.

Modification of the many car oil to gas use ignition advance angle controller is to increase the rate of combustion of natural gas, to ensure full combustion.

In the use of natural gas / gasoline dual-fuel vehicles, in order to ensure that the two types of fuel can work properly, the engine compression ratio is generally used gasoline engine compression ratio can not play the advantage of high octane number of natural gas, natural gas-fired, . To improve the thermal efficiency of the gas, the advance angle relative gasoline must increase 8-15 degrees. In addition, the compression ratio unchanged also unable to meet the different requirements of the ignition delay and combustion speed of the two fuels, and the ignition timing and compression ratio is a strong correlation, and easy to change, when fueled with natural gas, octane the high value allows the use of larger ignition advance angle, but also because natural gas combustion speed is lower than gasoline, but also requires a larger ignition advance angle. If you do not change the original engine ignition advance angle, the use of natural gas fuel starting point hysteresis, cylinder pressure rise rate is low, the low combustion temperature, increased heat loss, increased exhaust temperature, thermal efficiency to reduce the phenomenon. Therefore, it is necessary to retrofit one can ensure that for natural gas, gasoline, two types of fuel conditions to provide the optimum ignition advance angle adaptive fuel ignition advance angle controller, it is possible to make the ignition advance angle varies with fuel from the appropriate changes.

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